Laptop Battery Care

Care for laptop batteries is almost as important as battery alone. If you’ve had problems with your battery not lasting as long as it should, then you certainly got to question your laptop usage habits. You see, laptop batteries performance greatly depends on your actions.

The most power consuming devices of battery power are usually hard drive, floppy drive and CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. Those device normally use more resources than other ones. By optimizing its usage, you can reduce the need for laptop battery recharging.

On a side note, the audio and the display devices can also use a lot of power. By simply adjusting the brightness of your display, you could save a lot of electricity.

Other reason might be your recharging habits. You see, batteries have that ‘memory’ effect. Let’s say that for example, your laptop battery can last for 4 hours, but you use it for 2 hours and decide to recharge it. And if you do that all the time, your batter becomes ‘trained’ to be usable for only 2 hours. That greatly reduces its capacity.

If you want to solve that problem, you should do this little trick. First, turn of all kinds of power management programs and applications, either in Windows or in BIOS. Then save those settings and let your laptop completely drain out of electricity. Then charge the battery for 12 hours. After that, it’s all the matter of repeating last step four times.

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