External Laptop Battery

External Laptop Battery is extremely useful for extending the operating time of your laptop computer. Read this if you want to know more about it!

Extending the operating time of your laptop can sometimes be really tricky. Unfortunately, in almost every case, it’s absolutely necessary. The worst thing is that it usually happens when you don’t have laptop battery charger. For situations like that, external laptop battery is your best choice.

External laptop batteries make your laptop computer last long than it would under normal circumstances. It is usually made of either Li-ion or LiPo chemistry. Those are both new types of batteries with similar characteristics. They are lighter, more economical and more eco-friendly than old batteries.

In most cases external laptop batteries are universal as well. That is true because they were built to fit the most of modern laptops because of their features to operate a wide variety of laptop computers like variable voltage outputs and different power adapters.

The most important specification you have to pay attention to is the amount of energy that universal laptop battery will hold. Battery’s storage capacity is measured in miliamp-amp hour (MAh) or in watt-hour (WHr).

Normally, popular versions of universal laptop batteries are supplied in the 74-142 WHr rating range. That means that it will extend laptop computer working for additional 5 to 12 hours. That of course depends on many different things like battery’s capacity and laptop power requirements.

Another important thing is voltage. Batteries voltage must be within +/-1 volt of your laptop’s required voltage. But usually that isn’t problem because modern external laptop batteries have three to five different voltage outputs.

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